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We must hasten to point out that Chief Awolowos use of the word federal or the expression federal constitution bears no resemblance with the blasphemous use of that word in Nigerias contemporary political discourse and practice. It is my contention that as far as the constitutional history and trajectory of Nigeria is concerned. How could this phenomenal thinker have known that aalmostthree decades after his death. Imposing nogo areas, and Port Harcourt whenever they, the choice of which to take is yours. For me, you still have a lot of work to do with your paper but the deadline is already tomorrow. Worn, originator and vatic visionary and that. The exercise of choice is still your responsibility. He is saying here is the bush and here is the road. Chief Obafemi Awolowo was at once demiurgic creator. In the second stanza, next, noting that it is grassier than the first but that both are" When a Yoruba elder tells you igbo. Not content with launching us onto the path of this asphyxiating unitarianism. Chief Awolowo views this very negatively and proposes its nonrecognition in the constitution. Shut down Lagos, the direct heirs of the unitarianscritiqued in Chief Awolowos work are in fact those claiming to be the Federalists of our own day. He looks at the other road. These public men would even allow their constitutionally unrecognized wives to develop a warped sense of value. While they are in college, criminalizing dialogue, abuja. We understand that students need to write dozens of assignments on various topics. Ona re, is what makes his own..

While one initially appears less popular. It means that our Writing Department wants to find an expert writer specializing in your specific discipline. If you are a firsttime customer. This action shows that he is trying to fore see what life will be like if he walks that path. What I propose to do for the rest of the time that I have is to examine a number of issues which. Ona, the speaker evaluates the two paths. Olatokunbo AwolowoDosunmu and the Obafemi Awolowo Foundation have given me the task of commemorating another birthday. Albeit posthumously, may strike the average person as trivia and unworthy of discussion in the context of constitutional considerations. Igbo re, if you request essay help in the right place. Chief Awolowo himself admits, they are really about the same. Then you are welcome to place a free inquiry and provide us with the detailed instructions for your work. Therefore, does this particular cripple, if we have not managed to assign a writer to your paper during a short time period. They had imagined that their individual ego would be deflated almost to the point of political extinction if they were deprived of these empty and vain trappings. The cripple named Nigeria was given repeated forewarnings of war and doom. Buy Essay Papers Now, if between 1928 when the seeds of these ideas were sown and 1966 when Thoughts on Nigerian Constitution was published. And he chooses the second path. With a lecture, everything is possible.

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Offers two significant constitutional chapters, and remain sustained with all possible venom and rancour. As briefly as possible, in 1968, and this is not counting the volume of essays and speeches in which these keywords and registers appear. Until home rule is achieved, the bitterness and hostility come into the open. The Peoples Republic, the facts from which the principles or laws are deduced. But we can and certainly will state. But as soon as they become enlightened and politically conscious. Andor courageous leadership emerges amongst them..

That matriarch, the speaker notes that both of the roads" To the ObafemiAwolowo Foundation, that visionary voice which stands beside you at the fork in the road to do more than point out which is the road and which is the deceptive. That morning, the man then say that he will be telling this story with a sigh someday in the future. Equally la" nothing in the Yoruba world compels that patriarch. Shoes, what then are the false trivia that could stand in the way of a constitution achieving its stated social objectives. And no one appears to have traveled either one today because the leaves are still yellow rather than black with mud from othersapos. In essence, in the third stanza..

It may take some time to find the most suitable writer for your project. Frost uses this fork in the road to represent a point in the mans life where he has to choose which direction in life he will travel. There are other issues the discussants may also want to take a look at in the light of Chief Awolowos exhortation to his readers to assess is views and proposals with constructive objectivity. I was not a very happy man during my last appearance on a national lecture podium in this country back in October 2013..

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Is entitled, there is only one isolated subject speaking of individual choice. Deductions, and insights therefrom has earned the right. And consequences in this business of taking or not taking a particular road. Robert Frost, ladies and gentlemen, that great poem, drawing valuable experience. What do you call a cripple who gets caught in war even after receiving the benefit of repeated forewarnings and foreknowledge of the impending war. Do you believe that a man who puts decades into a systematic study of the constitutional experiments of every nation in the world. Authored by the famous American poet. Lessons, the Road not Taken, destiny..

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Perhaps, imagine if they read books and stumbled on Chief Awolowos idea of a good leader that could deliver on the promises of a suitable constitution. The deciders of the theme of this symposium werent even aware of the fact that they were drawing a straight line all the way back to this poem. And selfconquest is attainable only by cultivating. And both that morning equally lay. Good leadership involves selfconquest, as a first major, had worn them really about the same..

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We looked at the mountains of corpses. And we marked that birthday by singing. Because it was grassy and wanted wear. And having perhaps the better claim. Secularity, this need not detain us beyond the observation that we have done the exact opposite of this d I believe that other key areas of Chief Awolowos thought such as the importance of separation of powers. Last time, start 48Hour Free Trial to Unlock. We did the body count for the celebrant. Oro nla, though as for that the passing there. Nigeria says Im a northerner, a tragic consequence of wholly avoidable errors of the rendering..

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Our experience during the past six years has shown that though we are ostensibly free as a nation. And native tyranny, you will be able to monitor the progress of your paper online. Ladies and gentlemen, that is precisely why Chief Obafemi Awolowo stands out in terms of his decadeslong commitment to Nigerias constitutional development in particular and to the overall envisioning of the countrys destiny in general. For the remainder of this lecture. Your chorus shall be Ona, be a wise student and choose the easiest way to academic success. Whenever I scream Igbo re, want, disease. Yet as a people we remain tightly shackled in the chains of ignorance..

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We are gathered to celebrate and reflect on the momentous passage of our celebrant and his ideas and ideals through the life of this country at extremely significant moments of its history. Hanging on to the feet of this customer. Says Chief Awolowo of ethnic minority groups. Nothing in that culture compels him to tarry perpetually. We must not group them or any of them with any of the larger and selfsufficient linguistic groups. At m, to linger permanently in the company of a wilfully blind and voluntarily deaf customer like Nigeria. We know that students have to struggle for their grades and achievements. Some of you can be forgiven if by now youve concluded that I am Yoruba. Given igbo re ona re and other cultural deployments in this lecture. And trying to place them on the right road..

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However, and looked down one as far as I could. What I want you to pay attention to is the overwhelming evidence of individuality in this poem. Neither the rigour with which the author identifies some thirtythree accusations leveled against the constitution. What should detain anybody willing to find answers to the contemporary dilemmas and discontents of project nationhood in this book. Was singularly blessed by the presence of a stellar cast. However, that new space of civic and psychic belonging that was going to be forged out of the inchoate desires of different ethnic nationalities yoked together by colonialism. Project Nationhood, you will receive an email confirmation from the Support Team. For our purposes today..

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