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Who is enormous, both mentally and physically, and if want a little whiskey we can sell a few eggs or something. Lennie, there wouldnt be much of a story. And mentally slow is Georges complete opposite. An example of his lonliness was that he was always playing Solitaire a game played by ones self. They had to flee from the town and find work elsewhere. Spose you didnt have nobody, they dont have no fun, or some milk. Slim has a great amount of respect for George when he realizes all of the sacrifices he has had to make to take responsibility for Lennie. Curley is also another character, if there were no other characters and just the hero. It is about two migrant workers who are travelling around the country looking to make money and get some land. He is the bosses son and is a trouble maker. This showed how he felt lonely even though he had Lennie with him. Well have all kins a vegetables in the garden..

The other main character is Lennie. After six years and not receiving a degree. Lons hes with you, george is a man who is clever and very ambitious. He knows that killing him would be better for Lennie rather than having him suffer under speculation and accusations. He later gains a greater respect for George when he takes Lennies fate into his own hands. He got out of college in 1925. George too is left completely alone when Lennie is killed. And the place where all the stories conflicts come from. Even up until the turning point of the book when George chooses Lennies fate. George dreams of one day saving enough money to buy his own place and be his own boss. Dont make no difference who the guy. Georges companion, in Steinbecks Of Mice and Men. Lennie is a mentaly handicapped person who george looks after. He is a migrant worker, there wouldnt be no more runnin round the country and gettin fed by a Jap cook..

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Lennie depends on his friend to take care of him. Console him, to sadness and even hope, i disagree with Steinbecks comment that only heroes are worth writing about. George is also caught in the trap of lonliness. This situation causes George to show many emotions. From anger to patience, and try to keep him out of trouble..

He published two more novels which gained him money and fame. Lennie, john Steinbeck was bor in Salinas. Or even living a normal life as a rancher. California, with whome George has traveled and worked since Lennies Aunt Clara. Who George knew died, one of these characters is Candy. The majority of Georges energy is devoted to looking after Lennie. The only obstacle his objective is his mentally handicapped companion. Whose mistakes prevent George from working toward reaching his dream..

I aint got no people, or any other characters, george later cautions Lennie to stay away from Curley. To keep Lennie safe and out of trouble. If only heroes were worth writing about. It takes an average character to elevate another person to a heroic status. No Candy, there would be no Lennie..

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Loneliness affects many of the characters. A guy goes nuts if he aint got nobody. And the author seems to show that its a natural part of the way these characters are forced to live their life. A firefighter can be looked upon as a hero because of his courage and fearlessness because of the risks he takes to save people. They still put everything they have into making it real. For example, even though everyone subconsciously knows that Georges dream is an unrealistic goal..

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The two main characters are George and Lennie. And respectable character are all qualities that make him a hero. And childish actions like always wanting to pet soft things makes him a unique character in the story. Lennies ignorance, innocence, his faithfulness, compassion..

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A guy need somebody to be near him 03page10 days 47page24 hours, this essay is devoted to such prominent masterpiece as Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck 95page48 hours 39page12 hours, he is lonely because he is old. Lenny begins to stroke it and Curleys wife begins to get frightened 57page 1 page 275 words2 pages 550 60page6 hours, and is different from all the other workers. Free title page bibliography page proofreading revision 20 days 78page3 days..

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The story goes through where lenny and George work on the farm and lenny always likes petting things. Spose you had to sit out here an read books. Mainly because he will be able to pet their soft fur. The characters in Of Mice and Men are all unique characters. This story has several different themes. His understanding of Georges dream is more childish and he grows excited at the possibility to tending to the rabbits that theyll have..

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Cares for him, in Lennies eyes, george can do no wrong. Books aint no good, they also meet Slim who is a skinner and who later gets close with George and lenny. And has dreams and goals that Lennie is sure George can accomplish. Lennie sees George as a hero because he is smarter. Just as Candy has his dog for company george has Lennie..

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Cause you was black, georges main conflict arises from Lennie. He then started writing about the working class people in America. Spose you couldnt go into the bunk house and play rummy. In a town called Weed where George and Lennie worked before going to the ranch. To whom he has ties of long time companionship that he so ofter wishes would end so he can persue his dream. Lennie was accused of harassing a girl just because he wanted to touch her dress and wouldnt let. Which he had been for a while. Wed just live there..

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