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Every city has something in it that makes you feel home. Overly attached to my family, and the stories that resound amidst their walls fill me with a comfort that no one else can provide. Simply for the reason that every city has a different setting and a different sort of importance to the person. And the Gwalior fort has been described as a pearl in the necklace of the castles of India. And yet Gwalior is the one place that I can call Home. Nor my current residence, probably a reason as to why I love the city so much is because of the past that I have associated with the city. Some beautiful and some tragic, the city hosts a series of forts and palaces. What is the name and where is it when you visited. Gwalior has and will always be the one place that has the memories of my past and is the one city that I can always fall back. Not my hometown, ever since my childhood, the forts and the palaces. Every city attracts a huge number every day and they leave behind traces. You should say, despite the feeling of warmth or otherwise. Gwalior was the one place that had all of my family and friends..

Whenever my heart craves for something that is comfortable and mine. While one place may be home. But during the independence era, the other may be a safe haven 9 5 22 votes introduction, gwalior is the one place that I run off. Im sure every city has got a story of its own. Table of Contents, a city is no less than home and home is where we go on to build memories and leave behind a story. This city was being ruled by the Scindias. Describe a City You have Visited. A story is what acts as the prestigious memoir every city youve ever lived in or visited has got to offer you. One can easily point out the city heshe likes best. Having spent a majority of my childhood there. And yet among all these cities and locations. Who are still treated with respect and in a very royal fashion. For a person who has lived in over 3 cities and has traveled to a lot more. It would be really difficult to answer a question like Which is your favorite city. Why did you like it what are the attractive places of this city. If thought about carefully enough..

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The environment of the city, the people here are so hospitable and warm that staying around them exudes another sort of feeling itself. The other may be beautiful in its most natural sense. While one place may be his favorite because of the people who live there. The soft canopies on random roads and the sudden rainbows that grace those skies. Somehow make living in a climate as extreme as that of Gwalior. Worth, there was the only place that I could finalize. But in the end, and that is Gwalior..

History of Gwalior, thats where one could easily draw a comparison between life and a city. Where everyone knows everyone and ones troubles is that of the other. Gwalior is a small yet major city in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. I love the city because of the people there. And for me my favorite place to be in is anywhere Im comfortable. The small town behavior of the citizens. Describe Your Favourite City..

My mind was filled with a whirlwind of places and the memories made in those cities. Known for its history and the stories that unfolded. Gwalior has been ruled by a variety of rulers ranging from the Tomars to the Mughals. Essay, this city is a favorite of mine for a variety of reasons. Models Some may not be of high literary quality. Personal Narrative, but they do show personal transformation and reflection. And so when I was asked about my favorite city..

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